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Your well-being is our priority
Zucker Hillside Hospital is Northwell Health’s nationally recognized behavioral health center. We're proud to be renowned for our pioneering clinical, teaching and research programs. At Northwell, we care for all of you—body and mind.

Extensive services, exceptional care

Our inpatient services include adolescent, adult and geriatric units. Treatment specialties include early phase treatment, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar and personality disorders. We also offer a discreet women’s unit.

Our outpatient programs include health centers, partial hospital treatment programs and a full range of psychiatric rehabilitation services.

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, our goal is to promote wellness and to reintegrate patients back into the community to work, attend school, socialize, and live independently.

The Ask the Question campaign provides support to a new mother, giving her permission to talk about her feelings. You can raise awareness of postpartum depression and encourage someone you know to seek treatment for this medical illness if needed.

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Here's some advice on how to find a great mental health match and what to expect as you're getting acquainted.
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